This sketchbook/spellbook combo is filled with blank 8.5x11" paper ready for all your magical ideas! Perfect for a gamer in need of a spell tracker or an art enthusiast, this is one sketchbook no one will forget. Its faux leather cover is topped with steampunk charms, upcycled jewelry. The skull centerpiece sits over a blue eye and pink gem, with a binding of purple and blue leather over lace for the perfect "pretty little reaper" touch!


Handmade with painted paper and found objects, this sketchbook is ready for everyday use or just decoration! Exterior decorations have been triple-sealed with dishwasher-safe ModPodge to allow incidental contact with water, but cleaning with water or extended exposure to moisture is strongly discouraged and may damage the sketchbook or its decorations.

Custom Sketchbook - Spellbook - Leather and Lace


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