This potion bottle stands about 12.75" tall and is triple-sealed against moisture. Davy Jones would be proud to have this potion in his quarters! With a copper octopus centerpiece and a peacock feather offset, this bottle isn't short on flair. A key on the spout and a crescent moon in silver on the back add a little mystery to the oversized potion bottle, ensuring it'll steal the show!


Handmade with painted paper and found objects, this glass potion bottle is recommended for display only. If used for liquid, be aware the cork may not completely seal the spout. Handwash interior with warm water and dishsoap; wipe down exterior with a damp cloth, if necessary. Exterior decorations have been triple-sealed with dishwasher-safe ModPodge to allow incidental contact with water, but dishwasher cleaning or extended exposure to moisture is strongly discouraged and may damage the decoration.

Jumbo Potion Bottle - Decoction - Davy Jones


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