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Free Maps and Portraits

If you didn't already notice the excessive amount of art on the site, let me tell you: I'm an artist. I'm also a writer and a DM. Oh, and a player. And since I've been playing steadily since 2001, I've kinda collected a lot of materials for all kinds of roleplaying games... which I like to share. All the materials here are free to use for your personal games, tabletop or otherwise; just don't go around removing watermarks or trying to sell any of it as your own. (Because rude. Don't ruin the fun for everyone!) If you've got a great idea for a map, feel free to drop me a line! And if you'd like to commission me to draw a portrait of your character/NPC/villain/etc., check out the DragonCrest Studios tab up on the menu. Otherwise, get those dice rollin'!

Medieval/Fantasy/Pathfinder/Dungeons  and Dragons

Modern/Mutants and Masterminds

Science Fiction/Star Wars d20/Shadowrun