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Custom Art

Want to commission me to draw something? Check out the types and prices below and send me a message for a quote! Once we've hashed out the details and the price, I'll get drawing.

I love drawing characters, pets, and anything sci-fi, fantasy, or roleplaying-related!

are currently:


Please check back soon.

An example of a simple sketch, showing a line art illustration of the bottom of a skirt and some feet. The sketch is minimally shaded with charcoal and pencil.


A loose sketch in pencil or ink without a detailed background and minimal (if any) color.


5x7 inches: $35–45

9x12 inches: $65–75

11x14 inches: $75–90

How it Works (in 10 Easy Steps)
  1. We work out the price, which means I need these details:

    • How many characters (e.g., people, animals) are involved

    • Basic description what you're looking for, including thoughts on outfits, background, etc.

    • What style you're looking for (e.g., more cartoony or realistic; painting vs. drawing)

  2. You send over some photos or drawings you'd like me to use as references, if any. (For instance, if you're commissioning a pet portrait, I'll need a few photos of your pet before beginning.) I'll request any references photos when I respond to your quote request, but if you've posted them online, feel free to add the links to the photos in your initial request.

  3. Once you're happy with the price and we've worked out the details, I post a listing on Etsy for half the final amount and send you the link for payment.

  4. You complete the initial payment (no Etsy account needed).
  5. I get sketching! I'll send you progress shots as I go and ask what you'd like changed after the initial sketch is done. We go back and forth until you're happy with the sketch!
  6. We repeat the same process with inking, coloring, or painting—I'll send you progress shots and you tell me what you'd like changed or if you're happy with the artwork!
  7. I send you a final proof for approval.
  8. If you're happy with the final proof, I'll send you a link for the final payment. (If you're not, I'll revise the artwork until you're happy with it.)
  9. You complete the final payment through Etsy (still no account needed).
  10. I ship the final piece to you and everyone wins!
The Fine Print
  • Typical turnaround time is 3–5 weeks. Anything with a deadline of less than 2 weeks may incur a rush charge equal to 15% of the final price.

  • Each additional character averages an additional $20.

  • I charge by the linear inch (i.e., 11x14 is 25 linear inches) and the complexity of the piece, so prices tend to scale by size. I'll give you the final price once we've worked out the details, but I certainly understand if you need time to save or it's out of your budget!

Ready to Request a Quote?


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