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Since our group's been playing for so long, we've had time to come up with various table aids and alternative rule sets. Most of them are based on Dungeons and Dragons 3e, but they could easily be adapted to other games! Feel free to use these for your own (non-commercial) games and spread the fun!

If you've got a good aid or set of alternative rules you'd like to share, hit me up and I'll post them here!

Table Aids

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Volleyball Tournament


Look, I'm a sucker for fishing. Love it. Doesn't matter the game, I'm always down for a fishing session... so I wrote one up for D&D.

I did a beach episode. Clearly it needed D&D-flavored volleyball.

Dungeons & Dragons 3e

Physical Traits List
Mental Traits List

Character Aids

Spice up your characters or get a little inspiration using this list of 100 physical traits. You can roll a d100 or just pick and choose! It's definitely helpful for creating unique characters with memorable traits.

Tired of playing variations on the same old character? Pick up this list of 100 mental traits and add a unique quirk to your character's personality!

Alternative Rulesets

Large-Scale Battle Book

Based on the D&D 3e rules, this ruleset provides rules and examples for large-scale battles, including squad and/or army size. Great for shaking up battles when you're tired of fighting minor skirmishes!

A hobgoblin wielding a greataxe swinging at an elven woman in armor. Her left hand holds a bright ball of magic. Artist: @FishWithATopHat.
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